Posted by: daniellesabai | 2010/06/12

Letter from Jaran Ditapichai – UDD Leader

Dear friends of democracy

I am Jaran Ditapichai a leader of United Democratic Front Against Dictator (UDD ) called the Red Shirts .We have been rallying people to demand the dissolution of the House of Representative .Since the beginning Abbisit government implemented the Internal Security Act and now the Emergency decree .It deployed more than 50,000 military and polices ,closed the People TV and 36 websites supporting our struggle and issued the warrant to arrest 24 UDD’s learders .On April 10 the government and army have crackdown bloodily the demonstration caused 21 deaths almost 800 injured and Then on May14-19 , hundreds of soldiers began massing on the approach roads encircling to the heavily fortified our demontration camp.The soldiers shot people by the sniper caused more than 60 deaths.Finally on the mid morning of May 19 , armored tanks rammed into barriers constructed from sharpened bamboo st aves and kerosene-soaked tires, and soldiers slowly ventured into the camp as protest leaders prepared to surrender and there were the riots in the center of Bangkok and in the provinces.

Up to the now the government still keep the Emergency decree, arrested more than 300 leaders and closed the redshirts medias.The serious violation of human rights occurred over the country.

As I am a leader of UDD I was accused and have the arrest warrant.I hope you and your organization concern about the atrocity in Thailand.
Thank very much.



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