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Philippines: Asian Movements getting ready for the 2nd Asian Global Justice School 2010

IIRE-Manila Newsletter 2: January-March 2010

After the very constructive experience of having the First Asian Global Justice School in the IIRE-Manila last October 2009, various Asian movements are now collectively preparing for the Second Asian Global Justice School (AGJS) this coming August 2 to 21, 2010 in Manila and in Mindanao.

It is remembered that the establishment of the IIRE-Manila was inspired with the successes of the IIRE in Amsterdam, particularly in training and broadening the perspectives of various activists from around the world. The IIRE-Manila was established two (2) years ago under the same spirit and as a complementary institution of the IIREAmsterdam in Asia. The first AGJS is one of activities that the IIRE-Manila conducted in the pursuit of its complementary role and the second AGJS is the continuing and strengthening of this task towards the New Internationalism.

The coming 2nd AGJS revolved around the framework of sustaining the gains of the 1st AGJS, strengthen the relationships forged among Asian movements and provide deeper, broader and more wide-reaching collective discussions on the most urgent questions confronting Asian movements in particular and the world in general, including practical discussions on forms of organization and movements in the context of the presently developing international trends in relation to the economic crisis and the various experiences in taking power. With this framework, the IIRE-Manila team and the IIREAmsterdam Education Sub-committee designed a programme anchored to a large extent on previous Global Justice Schools and Third-World Seminars at the IIRE in Amsterdam, and also on questions that were regularly raised during the First Asian Global Justice School, specifically the role of China and the question of peasant movements.

Inspired by the first AGJS, this year’s AGJS is a collective effort of Asian movements and some European sympathizers. The invitations for the school is being co-signed by four (4) Asian organizations, namely; the International Institute for Research and Education-Manila (IIREManila), the Labour Party Pakistan (LPP) which is also in the process of launching its own IIRE in Islamabad, the Japan Revolutionary Communist League (JRCL) and the Association for the Advancement of Research in Marxism which is based in Hong Kong. It is through this collective action, along with the help of other organizations and progressive individuals that this year’s school is able to connect with more movements and organizations from various countries.

With just more than three (3) months to go before the 2nd AGJS, leaderships and seasoned activists from organizations and movements from eleven (11) Asian countries, aside from the possible attendance of Australian and European movements and parties, are expected to attend.

These Asian countries are Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and the Philippines. Particularly in the Philippines, some organizations and movements from the broad left will also be invited which will add color to the anticipated exciting discussions among the participants.
A Call for Sponsorship

The International Institutes for Research and Education (IIRE) in Amsterdam and Manila are happy to announce that both will organize a Global Justice School in 2010. For IIRE Amsterdam, the Global Justice School will take place from November 24 to December 18, 2010.

For IIRE Manila the schedule will be from August 2 to 21. The sessions of this school will be held partly in Manila and partly in Mindanao, in the south of the Philippines. All discussions in the Manila School will be in English. These two activities offer a unique experience for comrades coming to either school, an experience that will contribute to their political education, to the exchange of experiences and to the building of international links.

The school in Manila will be the Second Asian Global Justice School and will focus on the impact of international politics and of the economic crisis on Asia. The role of China in the region and its corresponding impact on the balance of forces in Asia and the world in general will be of special importance.However, the Second AGJS is faced with financial difficulties, given that the resource base of the IIRE-Manila is still being developed and that all participants from Third World countries are experiencing financial difficulties, especially regarding international travel costs. With just three (3) months to go before the start of the School, the Third World would-be participants are calling for international solidarity and support, particularly donations for their participation in the school. That is why the IIRE in Amsterdam and in Manila has launched a Joint Finance Campaign in order to generate needed funds for the School in Manila and also for the Global Justice School in Amsterdam, which is at present facing a deficit, especially concerning the international flights of Third World participants to Amsterdam.

For the Asian School, an average sum of nine hundred dollars ($ 900.00) will cover the transportation costs and participation of one person from the Third World countries. It was acknowledged that the First Global Justice School in Manila and the Global Justice School in Amsterdam in 2009 were successful because of the generous contributions of comrades and friends.

In the same spirit of internationalism, the two IIREs launch this appeal to ask our friends around the world to sponsor comrades from the Third World to be able to participate in either of these schools.

We need your help to strengthen the International and the movement for socialism in Asia and worldwide – any amount will contribute to this goal.

Bank transfers can be made to:


Address: Postbus 1962
1000 BZ Amsterdam

Account number: 1039161
(Name of bank: Postbank)
IBAN: NL55INGB0001039161


80-A Malumanay Street,
Teacher’s Village West,
Diliman, Quezon City,
Phone/Fax: (02) 434 -7351


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